Nordic activities - the best way to discover Val d'Isere

There is more to winter than downhill skiing! Why not spice up your stay and try nordic activities, like cross-country skiing, biathlon, snowshoeing or telemark




Try something new, far away from crowded pistes and noisy lifts. The tranquility of cross-country skiing is perfect for anyone who loves peace and quiet, or finds the downhill runs too crowded or too steep. It is also the perfect way to get fit, discover Val d'Isere and enjoy its stunning surroundings.

If you are used to downhill skiing, at first you feel precariously balanced but skiing is certainly more exciting on narrow skis without edges!

You can be as energetic or as slow as you like. A faster tempo is an excellent form of cardio exercise, while a more relaxed pace makes it a tranquil way to enjoy the surroundings!


The technique

There are two different techniques – the classic one and the skating one.

The classic technique is the easier one, and it is a good starting point for beginners. You simply place your skis in two parallel tracks, push off and glide along.

The skating technique requires more energy and skill. You push your feet out to either side as though you are ice skating and use your poles simultaneously to gain momentum.

Whichever technique you chose, we'll explain, demonstrate and guide you towards confidence and fun.


The equipment

Cross-country skis are lighter and slimmer than downhill skis and the boots are softer and more comfortable.  The equipment is inexpensive to rent. Cross-country skis and boots can be rented from several ski shops - I recommend Borasso Sport 2000 or Killy Sport.



Biathlon combines air rifle-shooting and cross-country skiing (or running, if you prefer). It is a fun activity suitable for everyone from 8 years of age. Enjoy a friendly challenge with your family on your holiday, with friends during your stag night or birthday weekend, or with colleagues as a part of a team building event. Find more information about biathlon here:



Raquettes à neige (snow-shoeing) in and around Val d'Isere can be enjoyed in any weather conditions. It is a great activity for non-skiers, and a fab way to explore the many hidden corners of the resort.

You will need a pair of comfortable waterproof après-ski boots. Snow shoes and ski poles can be rented from several ski shops - ask me for recommendations.

If you prefer to head off on your own, make sure you check the weather forecast and avalanche risks before you go.



Far away from the crowded ski resort and back to the nature. Explore new faces of the mountain area with many itineraries and always go further skiing in the fresh snow!  Adventure and peaceful 


Looking for a specialized and professional ski instructor for your children? Michelle LE BEL is one of the b­est in the game and u­nderstandably massive­ly popular with both ­children and their pa­rents. She combines t­eaching your young on­es (from the age of 3) to ski with making­ sure they have an am­azing day out on the ­slopes and a whole lo­ad of fun.

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